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People in mining have used safety images to prevent future accidents, to promote healthy choices - to coach others to make better decisions while at work.  Mining is a tricky business however many make mine safety a priority.  That is our best client type.


Full line of assistance for Communications people including but now limited to: video blogs, audio narrated video, voice over services provided by a third party, full lighting setups, underground surface and aerial photography, writing and design services.


With over 20 years in the business, a full complement of contractors and experience with tricky - we help you communicate your safety messaging to workers more efficiently by stopping them in their tracks when looking at the lighting found in our work.  We pride ourselves in quality.


Our studio includes time spent most recently in Australia, in the previous 5 years in Germany, throughout the USA, time in Canadian mines and work in the far Northern climates of Nunavut and Northern Manitoba.  Proud to have offered service in most Provinces and States in North America.

Your People In Their Work Environment

Communicating personalised messaging about your team can be an effective means of team-building. In some cases, part of an effective communication strategy would be to feature a particular team of workers amplifying a health and safety point, promoting safe work activity, outlining a potential area of health and safety hazards and more.

Working in tough environmental conditions

At Work Underground

We are well equipped to deliver images which can effectively tell a story featuring your people and your equipment in the scene - corporate communications with all sorts of OH*S benefits.  We have all of our own PPE as well as a ton of the proper lighting for this type of work - whether it be stills or video.

shooting when its pitch-black...

Surface Mine Safety

In the past 20 years, we've done numerous jobs for mining supply, production, drilling, geophysics, geology and ground survey type shots.  In some cases, just a simple gobo / reflector provides sufficient lighting without strobes.  When strobes are required outdoors and no power is available - we have a generator capable of running the entire photo / video studio with radio remotes triggering lighting even in the day time.

yarkie drilling web

Media Development

With an image that stops traffic, announcements such as this get thorough recognition and top of mind awareness.  Should you wish, we offer all graphic design services as well as social media development - or just the images...your choice.


Gender Diversity in Mining

Without saying a word - we can illustrate your commitment to gender diversity through our media development services.  We carefully setup shots with ample lighting to highlight great attitude, clean and simple photography - with a certain element of character evident in each photograph.  We offer personality in our shooting.

danica underground at Newmont Goldcorp Musselwhite

OH&S Highlighting

We receive instruction from you on the area of particular attention - then try to interpret how to show this best for you.  In this case (right), we highlighted the "Golden Guide" and featured it in many photographs, as it showed the areas of attention, with an accompanying photograph in that same area.

best golden guide

We're Well Connected

In the past few years, our work has adorned the cover of not less than 30 magazines, getting more top of mind awareness for your messaging.  Typically, there's not a lot of great mining photography available to magazine editors, so we have a beautiful opportunity to help after the shot as well. 

Newmont Underground Shops Photo Multi Strobes

Safety and Technical Manual Development

Often times, the people that have been in a position in mining for some time have techniques, tricks and tips that could be shared across the training side of things quite easily with a video / photo.

These opportunities are often missed - and we are able to help you with this.

The value of your experienced people is enormous when considering the impact that they could have by sharing their expertise with a video / still explanation piece - it's just a suggestion, but we think this is an area where we can help in the future at any mining operation.



You may be providing economic value to the communities where you mine - we are able to capture and help promote the ties between mining / company / community if you wish.  Our services include remote work, generators, gobos, reflectors and all the specialised tools required to complete work on time and on budget.

a determination to succeed

Environmental Commitment

We have a generous selection of pre-done stock imagery specific to mining which you may find of value to illustrate your environmental attention to detail.  Conversely, we are able to attend on site and capture images which tell this same type of story within the scope of our work.


The Science

From shots of gold pours in your company kicker backlights to shots in the lab of assay / geotechie stuff - we are able to create an atmosphere which is idea to amplify the main points of your corporate communication thrusts - no matter what that may be.

not much of a retouch

Boardroom Portraits

We're able to setup (2hours) and then deliver board room portraits of your executives taking less than 5 minutes per person.  Your site, your people, our expertise.

kevin dundas

Corporate Annual Reports

We offer a nice job on your imagery for annual reporting.  All lighting is properly cased, packaging it for a clean and safe journey in your pickup truck / ute / etc.  Lighting setups underground often require an hour / hour and a half per location.  For ease of volume shooting, a central location could be chosen where more than one stope meet - such as a mechanical underground facility - giving many different looks from the same location and removing the requirement of long setups.  Suggestion only.

ITH drill at Barrick Hemlo

Aerial Drone Video / HD Photo

For the past 8 years, we've offered aerial drone work to a variety of mines, service companies and remote work sites.  Safety with respect to flight paths is a priority and clearance certificates may be required.  Contact us for your details.

Barrick Gold, Hemlo Mine Site


We have access to flatbed printers able to make sectioned billboards as wide as you wish - perfect for road signs / building signs with a beautiful attractive photograph and a daily safety encouraging message.  Your message, your ideas, our photography - flatbed high definition billboards.

Clients deserve professional lighting.

Productivity Enhancement

When your operation is able to teach all staff / employees and contractors a better, safer or more productive technique, you win.  Our imagery is a sharp and descript as possible - and, with our voice-over talent throughout the USA from companies like Disney, GMC and others - your video will be professionally sounding as well.

Technique removes the need for expensive drainage in the Core Shed